Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tricycle Upgrade: Exploring The Wonders of Luxury Sidecars

         If at any rate you are envious with the luxury cars that roam around the streets of first world countries in US and Europe, try not worry because local Tricycles which are known to be the pride of our nation are now upgrading and starting to be at par with these luxury cars that are created by BMW, Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini. What I have for you at the moment are revolutionary appearances of the traditional tricycles which we normally see around the country. Be prepared to sit back, relax and be enticed with these jaw dropping side car designs that everyone would surely crave to hop on and explore the busy streets of the Philippines with this mode of transportation.

1.The tricycle on the left used 1999 Honda CBR1100XX and its side car was custom built by a website called yankee This vehicle has the capacity to run at most 150 mph. Apart from that, this luxurious model is equipped with fully linked breaks in the sidecar for protection. If you are someone who wishes this type of sidecar in the Philippines, it is best that you revise the tires as this is originally made using winter tires for easy travel during winter time.

2. Nothing will surely be more luxurious than owning this luxurious french built side car that looks like a typical sports car that is ready to be used for drag race. With its maximum speed of 125mph, the said tricycle is pattern after the the structure of Lamborghini and its color was taken from Ferrari.

3. While I was looking for a great sidecar design for this blog entry, I stumbled across this creation that has been made by someone from North America by the name of Peter Larsen. According to the article, this fellow created everything from the design down to the sidecar link and assembly. They mentioned that this model made use of the 2005 BMW R1200GS and its tub is  Dutch-built EZS Rally "L", with a specially modified front-end and chassis.

4.  Such design is more than just the bike and the sidecar as experts say. This three wheeled vehicle is made from a BMW 1200cc engine with 150bhp encased in a one piece glass fiber body.It chassis is designed to allow stronger and more stable built.In terms of its cooling system, its radiator is located in the sidecar for better cooling. As a trivia, the producers of this side car model produced 100 of this model and they were sold to the  Japanese and European Market.

 5. This model is known as the Hannigan Bandito sidecar. Being featured in BMW Luxury Touring web page, this side car as other say,can accommodate two passengers at most.  Those who have tried owning this type of side car model  say that despite of its bulky appearance, it can be easily driven even in sharp curves.

        Gee, how I wish that these three wheel vehicle models would not just end being manufactured in other countries alone. I have high regard that with Filipino's creativity and artistry, we would someday have our own version of what is called three- wheel car which simple evolved from our traditional and local Tricycle.

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  1. Wow! Is this available in the Philippines?

    Someday, I want to attach a side car to my 'battlehunk' as we go adventure!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog from having seen a news feature of the "Kot-sikel" in the Philippines. Have you heard about it? Though far from being a commonplace production vehicle, it is in fact the very thing you've been wishing for.